Bethesda Makes Quake Champions Free-to-Play… Permanently

Bethesda Softworks took the opportunity of QuakeCon – appropriately enough – to announce that the early access title Quake Champions is free-to-play for the entire lifespan of the game. You can download it right now from Steam or from the launcher. This puts the game into the hands of virtually everybody who wants it and should help to ensure that Quake Champions enjoys a healthy player community.

While Quake Champions is truly free to play, there is an opportunity to buy a Champions pack for $29.99. This pack grants you every Champion currently in the game as well as all future Champions including the recently revealed Death Knight. The Champions Pack is on sale for $19.79 on Steam until August 14th. There is also a $5 Starter Pack which appears to be still available on Steam that gives you a 3-day trial of the Champions, a 7-day XP boost and a handful of useful items. The Champions Pack may only be a limited time item according to iD Studio Director Tim Willits.

Check out the Quake Champions 2018 QuakeCon trailer below.

The game originally launched in 2017 as a playable beta and made its way to Steam Early Access shortly thereafter. It officially launches today as a free to play title.

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