Bethesda Interested In The NX

Despite being two of the biggest names in gaming, Bethesda and Nintendo have rarely crossed paths. The two giants’ projects have just never lined up with each other, but it seems that could change in the future. Recently, had an interview with Bethesda’s Peter Hines. In the inteview, Hines had a bit to say about Nintendo’s next console.

“We talk to Nintendo all the time – we’re pretty well briefed in on what they are doing. It’s definitely something we will look at; and our philosophy is that we will put our games out on any format that supports the games as we envisage and make them. If the NX fits that from a technical standpoint, and fits the game that a developer in our stable is making, I don’t see why we would not put it out on NX. But it’s too early to say, ‘we’ll definitely be putting games out or not.’ Like with mobile, we want to have the right fit for the right formats.”

The fact that Bethesda is even considering putting games on the NX is extremely interesting. It could mean good things for the console, as Bethesda completely ignored previous Nintendo consoles. Perhaps Bethesda is already working on a game for the NX and don’t want to ruin the surprise yet? The upcoming remaster of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would be a perfect candidate for a NX launch title.


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