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Bethesda E3 Conference Wrap Up

Want to know what happened at the first ever Bethesda E3 conference? Besides everything imaginable, here are the highlights that you’ll need around the water cooler.


Bethesda led off with a Doom gameplay trailer from ID software, showing off some excellent badassery with plenty of demon slaying in all its gory splendor. Shooting visible holes in demons, ripping off limbs, and tearing through enemies with a glorious chainsaw that gives Ash from Evil Dead a run for his money. Then began the multiplayer sneak peek trailer which at first hearkened to Advanced Warfare, but then took a turn for something entirely different within the upgrade and perks.

Bethesda also introduced something called Doom SnapMap. A cross-platform, user-created custom game mode, and map creator. that will allow you to INSTANTLY be able to share your creations to anyone on any platform. Bethesda also made a firm stance that they support modding their titles and wish for the love and support to continue.


Bethesda briefly mentioned Battlecry from Battlecry studios that the game was progressing well and they would be opening their World Wide Beta sign ups right now featuring a new Han faction. However, this will only be available for PC.

Dishonored 2

Arkane Studios took to the stage to debut the much-anticipated sequel to Dishonored, Dishonored 2. While they didn’t show true gameplay they did show a highly detailed trailer. Woman protagonist Emily Coldwin showing off some magic shadowy ability, but they have revealed that you can play as either Corvo or Emily but both feature different gameplay unique to their characters.

Arkane then announced a Dishonored Definitive Edition, surprisingly to a crowd-full of booing, that will feature all this DLC coming out Fall 2015

Fallout 4

Bethesda clearly saved most of their concept for Fallout 4 starting off with a concept art trailer, and then a gameplay trailer showing off an extremely in-depth customization screen, that also features over 1000 recorded names so for the first time you can have your character who can be addressed by name by the voice actor. Gameplay with Dogmeat featured contextual commands such as fetch and attack, as well as displaying the return of the V.A.T.S. in slow motion instead of a direct stop of time.

But then, Bethesda kicked it up a notch with a real life Pipboy included in the collectors edition of Fallout 4 that uses your phone and a free app to act as a functioning Pipboy. Bethesda has also been working on a Fallout Shelter mobile game, currently available and free to the public.

And when we thought the conference was over, Bethesda displayed how Fallout will set itself apart. Gamers will be able to build and customize their own forts in the world of fallout, creating a defense grid, warding off attackers and monsters, and making Brahmin caravans to transfer your goods from fort to fort. You will also be able to customize your weapons to no end, making attachments from the useless junk you collect, and even customize and modify your very own POWER ARMOR!

If that wasn’t enough, Fallout 4 will be dropping in November 10, 2015


Thats all you need to know about the Bethesda conference. For any updates, stick with TiCGN.

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