Best Buy Terminates Gamers Club Unlocked Program

It appears that Best Buy has terminated its popular Gamers Club Unlocked program according to several reports from users of the service. A member of ResetEra noticed that he was unable to renew his membership online. The good people over at Cheap Ass Gamer had tweeted that Gamers Club Unlocked memberships could now only be purchased in stores along with a mysterious plea to let Best Buy know how much players love the program.

The ubiquitous Wario64 shared a picture of an internal memo from Best Buy advising employees that they will not accept new members into the Gamers Club Unlocked program:

The point-of-sale terminals at Best Buy will no longer prompt employees to ask if you want to subscribe and all promotional materials related to the program are to be destroyed. If you want any signage as a memento of your time as a GCU member you should head to your local Best Buy and ask for one.

The memo did not specifically state why the GCU program is being killed off. The document only mentions “a variety of reasons”.

Gamers Club Unlocked was a service exclusive to Best Buy. Subscribers would pay a certain amount upfront – typically $30 USD for two years – and get a 20% discount off of new video games, a 10% discount on pre-owned games and other special offers.

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