Battlefield V Reveal Details

It’s finally here! After a recent teaser, the Battlefield V reveal event has showed the game off to the world for the first time, with EA DICE sharing information about changes, the setting and more.

Here’s a round-up of information from the Battlefield V reveal event:
  • Battlefield V takes place in World War II
  • Operations are back, titled Grand Operations, with multiple game modes and maps
  • Co-op is returning
  • Shockwave mechanics – explosions knock players off their feet
  • War Stories are back, such as the story of a young woman in the Norwegian resistance
  • Fortifications are defensive structures that can be built using your toolbox
  • You can customize your Company – in how they look and play
  • No more Premium Pass – maps and modes will be free
  • Different events with themes, the first is titled Fall of Europe
  • Partnership with Xbox, who hold the marketing rights
  • Battlefield V releases on October 19th, 2018

Here’s the Battlefield V reveal trailer: 

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