Battlefield V Has Been Announced Alongside Livestream Reveal Date

Battlefield Will Never Be The Same

Makes you wonder what exactly is going to happen with the next title in the Battlefield series, officially known as Battlefield V. Developer Dice announced the name to the public today, and a livestream reveal date that just happens to be pretty soon! In fact, it’s the same date that was on this website teaser about a week ago.

Here’s the Twitter post showing that Battlefield V has been announced:


Battlefield has had a long established community who enjoy the massive and close to authentic multiplayer experiences out there. The community seems to be divided though, some wanting a WWII era setting and others a modern era. Whatever it might be, we will officially find out on May 23rd 1PM PT/4PM ET/ 10PM CET.

You can watch the live stream on the following links: Youtube , TwitchMixer

People are so excited, they are already waiting in chat!

Checking out the links, I spotted on the Youtube channel that there were people already in chat, about seven days too early. Goes to show how many people are excited about this reveal date and how Battlefield V has been announced! Are you pretty excited for what’s new in Battlefield V?


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