Battlefield 4 More Popular than Star Wars Battlefront

Player Statistics from EA Servers show that Battlefield 4 is indeed played more than Star Wars Battlefront and has five times the number of active players than Battlefield: Hardline.

While Battlefront did release in November 2015, its community size is dwarfed by Battlefield 4. Hardline doesn’t bode well either as it barely registers 25,000 active players.

Data was tracked by official EA multiplayer servers and was analyzed by BF4Central shows that that Battlefield 4 hovers around 125,000 active players over a 24 hour period across all platforms. Whereas, Battlefront clocks in around 80,000.

Battlefield 4 has more active players than Battlefront

No doubt Battlefront was an huge success story for EA as the game sold over 13 million units to date, albeit it went on sale a few times. Data pulled from the EA servers does suggest that players seem to have moved on from the titular Star Wars battle experience with common complaints of the game include lack of true multiplayer content and features, such as private games and in-game chat.

In contrast, BF4 still has a healthy online community, despite being released in late 2013, and is well supported by EA and DICE LA who still provide additional content and patches to this day.

EA confirmed that Battlefield 5 is indeed slated for late 2016 release.

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