Battlefield 1 Not Set in Alternate Timeline, Set To Have Steady Launch

With the very rocky launch of Battlefield 4, many are hoping that DICE will not be making the same mistake the second time around with Battlefield 1. GamesBeat recently interviewed lead game designer, Daniel Berlin, addressing the situation and a few other things as well.

As many of you may remember, Battlefield 4 launch was rattled with glitches, bugs, server problems and more that made DICE postpone DLC to address the situation. Berlin answered GameBeat when they brought this up saying, “It’s a focus for us. We know it was a difficult launch. We’ve been working on this for a long time. We released Battlefront, which did really well. We’re pushing an open beta to ensure stability. We’ve taken a lot of learnings from that experience, and we feel like we succeeded with Battlefront. We’ll take everything we learned there and apply it to Battlefield One as well.” Now, I don’t know about you, but that relieves me quite a bit since I was part of that Battlefield 4 mess. Battlefront’s release did do very well and I hope the same is for Battlefield 1.

In that same interview, GamesBeat asked if this game will be set in an alternate timeline which many gamers speculated due to numerous leaks before the official announcement. Berlin said “It’s definitely rooted in history. There’s no alternate mix of anything else. All the stuff you see is equipment that was available. All the vehicles you see were available at this time.” GamesBeat then asked if there will be any time travel. He replied with “No time travel. This is our depiction through a modern lens, looking at World War One, the Great War.”

That is good to hear since an alternate World War One leaves room for more futuristic components, like what Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood did, which takes place in an alternate reality where Germany won World War Two with their advanced technologies. Many gamers have expressed their feelings toward futuristic combat in the recent years, so when the possibility that Battlefield 1 may take place in an alternate World War One came about, it turned many off. Though, I am sure they can rest easy now that their newest Battlefield game will be rooted in history.

For those of you who want to read the full interview, you can view it here. They address many other topics, like how the topic of World War One came about, the vehicles, weapons and the multiplayer aspect, as well as who will be focused on during the single player campaign. It has been recently reported that there may have been possible leaks regarding Battlefield 1’s mission titles, as well as the early draft of their achievement list, which can be viewed here.

Battlefield 1 is set to release October 21st, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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