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Batman: The Killing Joke Has a Release Date

Those crazy enough to not know about the insanely popular graphic novel The Killing Joke will be treated a animated version. Batman: The Killing Joke will be arriving to retail on August 2nd. This is coming from a listing on the site that has everything Amazon.com. The Blu-Ray is priced at $24.99 while the DVD is only going to cost you $14.99.  If you are interested in the graphic novel click this link. If you’re a Batman fan, you will not be disappointed. Check out the trailer below.


As you can tell from the trailer this is definitely going to be a rated R movie. The little that is shown in the trailer stays true to the original graphic novel.  This will make the 25th film to be released from the DC Universe Animated division of WB. Let us know how you feel about Mark Hamills return as the Joker in the comments section below. Batman is played by the one and only Kevin Conroy.

Batman: The Killing Joke

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