Batman revealed at SXSW

This weekend  at SXSW Gaming Expo Telltale Games released some information on the upcoming Batman game. Telltale and Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller hosted the panel at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The information on the gameplay and story is sparse. So lets jump into what we know about Batman.



Telltale’s Batman will allow players to play as Bruce Wayne during the day and Batman at night. The choices that the player makes will effect everything that happens to Bruce Wayne when he is either persona. The game will not focus on the Bat Family, instead Telltales has decided to stay with the core element of Batman and his villains. Batman will include the normal characters from Gotham that we all know. Those characters include Alferd Pennyworth, Vicki Vale, James Gordon and Renee Montoya. The villains will be under wraps until the game gets closer to an actual release date.


With the games that Telltale has made in the past fans can expect a high quality take on the Dark Knight. Currently Telltale is taking the time to make the story something that all Batman fans will enjoy. Look for more information this summer as Telltale has promised a premiere that will be announced at a later date. Bookmark for more news on the upcoming Batman game from Telltale Games.

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