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Bandai Namco announces Taiko Drum Master: Drum Session!

Fans of the popular rhythm arcade game can half-heartedly rejoice after the reveal of the next installation of home music entertainment. Bandai Namco has officially released a trailer for Taiko Drum Master: Drum Session! for the Playstation 4, which has been given an October 26th release date for Japan. Interestingly, the game will be simultaneously released in Singapore, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Thailand and Indonesia on the same day, and it will come with English subtitles baked in. The only reason I phrase it as “half-heartedly” is, as you may imagine, no dates or ideas have been given for a Western release. And, given that the last edition of Taiko that made it’s way all the way to North America was over a decade ago, I wouldn’t recommend anyone hold their breaths over this one. Still, with the inclusion of English subs, it’s like Namco expects people to import it and basically wants to make their gray market fans as happy as possible.


This installation of Taiko Drum Master contains one of the largest catalogs of home releases to date, with the trailer promising over 70 songs, including quite a few mega hits from this year. One could have easily predicted the inclusion of Pikotaro’s PPAP, as well as Zenzenzense by RADWIMPS (as made popular by the cult-movie Your Name), but the Shakira track Try Everything from Zootopia is also featured, not to mention Alien Alien from Vocaloid sensation Hatsune Miku. The trailer essentially promises that Drum Session! will be as fantastic as the arcade experience, and, from the looks of things, Bandai Namco will be able to deliver on that and more.

Again, no word on a Western release, but let’s all be appreciative that things like region locking are slowly becoming history and not the standard practice, as more than a few sites already have import preorders up.

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