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Bad Dudes on Switch is Finally Out with a New Icon

About half a month ago, you may recall we did a Retro Review on Bad Dudes; this was thanks to FTG Games providing an eShop key for the Switch port (which is a direct emulation of the arcade game). However, since then, the game has been delayed numerous times until today. This is due to the fact that the early version contained stolen fanart used as the icon and promotional material on the Nintendo website page.

Well, it seems they’ve taken note of the criticism, and have went back to replace the materials with something more official. The delays were most likely due to stinginess on Nintendo’s part. Alas, it is now here, and you can see the results of the icon change below.

Here is the old icon:

Here is the new icon:

As you can see (while still somewhat stretched), the icon is now much more like that of what you could expect for a Nintendo Switch game. Hopefully, the folks at FTG don’t make the same mistake for any future Data East re-release they have in mind. Also worth noting is that the price is now $7.99 instead of $9.99, making it a little easier to consider getting this cult classic.

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