Augmented Empire: Coatsink Unveils Release Window And Famous Voice Actors

Coatsink, the development team behind titles such as Esper, Gang Beasts, and A Nights Sky, have unveiled the release window for their forthcoming steampunk inspired tactical RPG, Augmented Empire. As the name suggests, Augmented Empire is a virtual reality title which utilises Samsung Gear technology powered by Oculus, and it will be available summer 2017.

In addition to the release announcement, the developers have also revealed that Augmented Empire  will have no less than 4 famous voice actors appearing within the game:

  • Kate Mulgrew (Orange Is the New Black, Star Trek: Voyager)

  • Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz)

  • Doug Cockle (The Witcher series)

  • Garrick Hagon (Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Horizon Zero Dawn

“With a strong focus on story and deep but accessible gameplay, we wanted to give Gear VR gamers an extraordinary experience. We’re thrilled with the calibre of talent involved in Augmented Empire” – Coatsink CEO Tom Beardsmore.

From the press release:

Augmented Empire is a story-driven tactical RPG set on the island of New Savannah, an isolated neo-noir city divided into three tiers by the ‘Citizen Grade System.’ While the citizens deemed of high societal value live in luxury at the summit, outliers and criminals are forced to live in squalor at the island’s depths.

From the armchair of their secluded hideout, the player uses simple look-and-click controls to instruct their team of 6 augmented misfits in a world rendered as an ‘augmented reality’ diorama before their eyes, while interacting with the office around them to investigate new developments, make calls, and develop the skills of their team.

Battle law-makers and law-breakers alike to mastermind the revolution. Who will control the Augmented Empire?

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