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Attack on Titan Creators Apologize to Fans

The creators of Attack on Titan have issued an official apology to all of their fans. If you think that this is an apology for the 12 episodes that we are getting instead of 25 that we all were expecting, then you would be dead wrong. This is an apology for all of their fans who will be addicted to the excitement they have in store for this season.

Check out the letter below

According to a translation by Crunchyroll the apology states:

 Regarding the Attack on Titan S2 which will start airing on April 1st, we realized that there would be dangerous situations when viewers are too excited about the anime to care about their study, work and families during the airing or while looking forward to the next episode.
Given that we wholeheartedly aim for the highest quality of the anime, we are really sorry that we induced such situations. When you are watching the anime, you will understand the words above, and we truly hope you can watch this work.
But as this information is yet shared with every single person, we hope you can share it with your families and friends if you feel like to. We will really appreciate if you can tag #shingeki when you are posting on social media.
We are deeply sorry that we caused your inconvenience.

This statement is probably something that majority of fans did not want to hear from the creators of the show. I feel that if an apology letter was to be made, it should have been about the 4 year wait along with the shortened second season. Still, I must say that their marketing tactics have the fan base excited for the season premiere; and the first episode did not disappoint at all!

Attack on Titan season 2 began streaming today on Crunchyroll and Funimation 

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Joshua D.
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