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Attack on Titan Live Action Film Announced

If you though the age of live action adaptations of popular anime shows was over, you would be mistaken. The first announcement we received was about a live action film based on My Hero Academia. Now it seems another highly popular series will be adapted into a live action film as well. The Attack on Titan movie has just been officially announced.

The Attack on Titan live action film will be directed by¬†Andy Muschiett. You may recall that he was the director of It and Warner Bros. Studios will be behind the production. With the increasing popularity of anime in the U.S growing each year it looks like Hollywood wants to get in on the action. Unfortunately, past attempts didn’t go to well leaving anime fans with a less than favorable attitude towards live action films as a whole.

Although if done correctly, I do have a little more hope for the Attack on Titan live action film then I do with My Hero Academia at this point. But like all things we must wait and see until more information comes along.

Source: Variety

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Joshua D.
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