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Two New Trailers For Attack On Titan 2 Detail Gameplay & Online Modes

Two new trailers have been released for the upcoming Attack On Titan 2 game. The first one details all of the multiplayer modes that will be in the game.

Co-Op Campaign Mode: Allows players to team up with friends to complete the story.

Scout Missions: The scout missions can be played with up to four players who will be able to go throughout the game and complete various missions.

Annihilation Mode: A group of 4 players battle to get the highest score by destroying the Titans.

Nintendo Switch owners will be able to play with up to 8 players at once thanks to the local wireless play feature. That isn’t all, though. Koei Tecmo¬†has also shown a teaser of an upcoming game mode. There is no official name for it as of yet but it seems that players will be able to control Titans and battle the scouts.

Check out the Multiplayer trailer below.

The next trailer details the new battle mechanics that will be in the game. Players will be able to move around using the Omni Directional gear. Once players get near a Titan they will be able to use the hot drive mechanic to kill the opposing Titans with a devastating blow.

And then there are the sneak attacks. Players will be able to position themselves in a Titan’s blind spot. A new buddy feature will be in the game as well which allows you to call your AI team in order to regain health and supplies and to combine attacks. There will also be something called the the Titan transformation. Some of your teammates will be able to transform into Titans in order to change the tide of battle.

Some other features:

Building Bases: Players will be able to build bases in order to provide protection and to replenish items.

Capture Titan: Players will be able to capture Titans in order to bring them back into the research room.

Items: players will be able to use smoke and light grenades in order to defeat the Titans.

Danger Zone: During battle Titans will make a loud roar as they attack the scout regimens.

Bizarre Titans: Encounter an array of abnormal titans in battle to earn extra rewards.

Check out the second trailer below.

Attack on Titan Game 2 will be released for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC on March 20,2018.

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