Attack on Titan Dead or Alive DLC

Koei Tecmo has announced new Dead or Alive DLC. The new downloadable content will be themed after the popular Japanese animation Attack on Titan.  Fans of the Dead or Alive franchise will be able to play on the setting of the first appearance of the Colossal Titan. Players will also be able to download a 30 costume skin pack that remodels Dead or Alive characters to that of Attack on Titan’s in-universe military, the Survey Corps.

The total cost of the DLC will be up to the players choice. Individual character costumes can be bought on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Game Store for $2.99. The complete skin pack will be $34.99. Oddly enough, Steam users will be upset to realize they have to pay more for the same Dead or Alive DLC. PC players will have to purchase the extra complete content pack for $39.99. The stage itself will also be a separate cost for both PC and console players coming in with a $4.99 price tag. All of this extra content is currently available for download on their respective stores.

News of the Attack on Titan DLC comes shortly after the announcement of the return of Attack on Titan. A second season was announced of the highly praised show alongside a dedicated video game. Attack on Titan Wings of freedom will be coming to Xbox Ps4, and PC. As for their respective release, expect Season 2 to release early next year.

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