Atlas Rises Brings New Gameplay To No Man Sky

Many players condemned No Man’s Sky when it was released. Since this failed launch, Hello Games has been hard at work to bring players a game they can all enjoy. After the Pathfinder update it was hopeful that player interactions would be next. Now with Atlas Rises players will soon be able to communicate with each other.

This new update brings over 30 hours of new story gameplay, new galactic map, terrain construction, and so much more. Up to 16 players will now be able to interact as floating orbs in the game. This is a great first step towards opening the game up to full co-op play. The story that now unfolds as taken from the No Man’s Sky press release:

“In the Atlas Rises story, the fabric of existence is starting¬†to falter.”

With that it is up to you to explore all the new features that this update will bring to this game. It has been a year since the games release and Hello Games intends to keep growing this game into something that all players will enjoy. As with all the other updates, Atlas Rises is completely free. I know that I will keep playing this game as much as I can.

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