Ark: Summer Bash 2019 Is Now Live

Have you ever wanted to see a Tyrannasorous Rex wear a 4th of July themed hat? Have you ever wanted to shoot fireworks while pterodactyls fly off in the distance? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might want to play Ark: Survival Evolved over the next few weeks. From July 2nd to July 16th players will be able to participate in the Ark: Summer Bash. Featuring patriotic swimwear, top hats, new emotes and more, you can celebrate your 4th of July long weekend in style. To celebrate the event, check out the brand new trailer showing off some of the antics players can get up to during the Ark: Summer Bash event.

Ark: Summer Bash 2019

Will you be joining in the Ark: Summer Bash? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the latest gaming news and information.

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