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Are You Ready To Become A Technomancer?

The Technomancer is a new IP coming from Spiders, who is best known for their previous titles such as Mars: War Logs and Bound By Flame. The game is being published by Focus Home Interactive and will be a Sci-fi RPG that is set on Mars. Technomancers are “Mage-Warriors”, warriors that have been trained at a young age to fight, respected and feared by all. You will take on the role of Zachariah, a rookie in the War of the Water.

The Technomancer features action based combat with 4 different skill trees. You will be able to customize the character’s appearance as well as build around the 3 different combat styles available. The Staff combat allows for mobility and area damage, the Blade and Gun combat allows for more agility for quick strikes and dodging, and the Shield and Mace combat is all about defense and the ability to parry attacks. The best part about the combat styles is that you can switch between them at anytime. You will also be able to utilize the destructive electrical based powers amplified by the cybernetic implants that Technomancers have.

While playing, you travel through 3 main sections of Mars. Ophir is a city built from Earth domes in the Ophir Chasma Canyon and is one of the largest “metropolises” on Mars. Noctis is a free city, a colorful place where all different cultures meet and enjoy a greater degree of liberty. Mutant Valleys is a vast crater that is controlled by the first mutants who escaped from the cities and have learned to tame the creatures of Mars. On your journey, you will come across many other factions that are looking to take you out. You will fight other human survivors such as the under world Mobs in Ophir, the haunting ASC agents, Technomancers from rival corporations, and mutant outcasts from Mutant Valley.

While on the run from the Secret Police, you will complete a vast array of quests that can be completed in a number of ways from brute force, through dialog, or by stealth. Dialog actually plays a major role as conversations can alter the way the story unfolds. Crafting your weapons and gear will also affect the way you play the game. Recycled material, leather straps, and pieces of metal will be more valuable than any money you can acquire. When you customize your weapons and gear it alters the damage, protection, and critical hit percentage.  You will come across many companions, some friends and some foes; it’s up to you to build the relationships. Mars is a dangerous place and any help that you can get will be needed.

Are you ready to become a Technomancer? Find out June 28th as The Technomancer releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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