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Apple Is Reportedly Developing a Games Subscription Service

Apple is reportedly hard at work developing a game subscription of its own according to no fewer than five sources close to the matter. This project began in the second half of 2018 according to the five who spoke to the fine folks over at Cheddar. This service has been described as “Netflix for games” which has also been used in discussions of similar products such as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and the upcoming Project Stream from Google. This subscription service is said to still be in the very early stages of planning and there is not yet any indication of pricing, the content library or if it will deliver games through streaming or through downloads. It is also unclear whether this service is intended for MacOS, Apple’s mobile devices or if it will work on either ecosystem.

Two sources say that Apple has been in talks to publish video games from several developers which means the new service could launch with its own exclusive titles. As of this writing Apple has not commented on the matter.

It has been no secret that growth of iOS hardware sales have stalled, so it is no surprise that the company has been eyeing the rising revenues from the gaming industry as well as the increasing popularity of esports.

Would you have any interest in a game subscription service from Apple? We would love to know how you feel about this. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any news regarding an Apple games service.

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