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Apple Event Live Stream- Super Mario Run, Pokémon Go, and More!

Apple is about to commence streaming its yearly Apple conference showcasing its latest devices. Watch with us as the new iPhone is revealed and more! If you don’t like the youtube livestream you can also watch it on Apple’s website.



We are going to do live updates on what is going on ar the event. Please excuse to short information bursts as they happen. Refresh as we get the new details for those who can’t watch the event.

Moving on to the App Store. Over a hundred forty billion downloads. The last two months had a growth rate of over a hundred percent. Cook doesn’t mention it but I’m guessing Pokemon Go had a say in that. iPhone and iPad biggest gaming device according to Cook.

Cook is announcing Mario on the App Store. Shigeru Miyamoto is on stage announcing “Super Mario Run“. It looks like an endless runner. Automatic running. You determine when to jump. One handed play. There is a new mode called Toad Rally. Looks like Mii’s are going to be a part of the game. Highscores will make for a competitive ladder against the world. Yup, multiplayer is in the game. Price to announced later, will be released holidays 2016. Coming to iOS first so it isn’t an exclusive.

Cook back on stage and is now talking about education. Cook visited Connected schools and shares that students are learning like never before. Is bringing students and teachers on stage. Apple is donating iPads to more than 50,000 students. Cook is bringing up quotes on how technology is changing teaching. Apple releasing an app that will teach kids coding. Swift, Apple’s coding language, will be taught to students in the US. iWork getting an update as well. iWork head boss is on stage. Real time collaboration is coming to iWork apps.  Little behind both Office and Google Docs. Showing a demo by editing the live presentation on the stage.

Apple Watch is next. “Best way to get notifications” Cook says. Apple Watch has changed what people “expect from a watch.” Apple is now the number 2 watch in the brand behind Rolex. They are also the #1 Smartwatch. Customer satisfaction is through the roof. “We are just getting started” says Cook as he brings Jeff Williams to the stage. Watch OS 3 preview brought a bunch of features. Scribble, sticker emoji’s, watch faces and more. New  AppleWatch app called breath, it gives you breathing exercises.  I can’t make this up. Washington Post, Major League Soccer, and better games will be on iWatch. One special app coming… Pokémon GO! Will be shipping by the end of the year.

If you are one of the people reading along here is a leak of the iPhone 7 that just happened on twitter. Follow that link if you want to get spoiled.

Next gen Apple Watch being released. Looks near identical. Apple Watch Series 2 is the official title. It’s swim proof further pushing it as a fitness device. Water resistant in a depth of 50 meters. The issue with the watch before was that the speaker needed air in order to function, the speaker now ejects the water from the device. Dual Core processor and new GPU for twice the graphical power. New second gen display more than two times brighter. Brighter than any product they have ever created. “A lot of nits” engineering jargon. It now has built in GPS. New body material is ceramic.

Apple Watch

New GPU shows off capabilities on Night Sky app.

Apple making new fitness app specifically for runners in conjunction with Nike. New Apple Watch Nike Plus. Watch designed with runners in mind. Stretchy band, breathable, will have the aluminum body now the ceramic one. President of Nike on stage. Nike all about “inspiration and innovation.” “Staying motivated” can be tough in terms of fitness says the Nike president. Not just a watch “perfect running partner.” “The best running experience out there.” It has features like telling Siri you’re going for a run and the watch recognizes that. Wonder if other devices will have that voice command. Motivational messages will help you get out and run. “Just Do It Sundays” is a similar inspirational message by the watch. The watch does not focus on data and metrics, will focus on you. Guess that’s why it has mostly to do with helping you keep up with your work out routines. Will cost $369.

Moving on to the main dish the iPhone. Over a billion iPhones have been sold. iOS 10 will be coming out soon. Lift iPhone to wake it, Siri capabilities integrated with apps. Machine learning gives you conjecture projection, whatever that means. New Home App that lets you set up devices to control your home. A lot of companies are racing to automate your home, Apple is now pushing that front here. “Works with Apple Homekit” is a label found on devices that work with the app. Messages are getting stickers, confetti, some other interactive elements. Tim Cook reveals that iPhone 7 is real.

iPhone 7 -TiCGN

They created a new black that they call black. That’s not a joke by the way, they literally said that on stage. New home button. They are explaining that they changed many old features on old devices and now the home button has “taptic” feedback. The new phone is also water and dust resistant. Camera has been updated. Has a new stabilizer for those with shaky hands, new six-element les, new 12 mega pixel sensor, flash now has 4 led’s with a flicker sensor for settings with flicking lights, machine learning to automatically fix captures. Basically the phone recognizes if you took a terrible photo and fixes it for you. Also has an HD facetime camera.

iPhone Camera Sample

iPhone Sample camera

It has two cameras on the back. Why? Well with two lenses the iPhone can have better zoom features. The zoom is a lot better that in 10x zoom the image doesn’t look pixely at all. Looks cool to be honest. Another feature that is supposedly challenging for the engineering team is about to be announced. Sneak peak of the feature. Blur to add depth to self portrait pictures coming. This is the image they took with the new feature. Shows off the depth of field the phone is capable of producing.

Depth of Field - TiCGN

New Retina screen. Instagram boss on stage. New 3D touch action in the app. New zoom ui with taptic feedback. Showing off the colors thanks to the new camera. All photo filters updated to take advantage of iPhone features. New version of Instagram coming later this year. Looks more professional and less like a teen tool for social media.

New stereo speakers on the phone. iPhone ditching regular earphone jacks. Will use the lightning port so you are mandated to get Apple approved earbuds. Good game Apple. Apple “Earpods” coming. Lightning to regular analogue headphone jack plug coming in the box so your old earbuds aren’t worthless. Reason they wanted to get rid of the headphone jack is because it took up space and they want to make the iPhone slimmer. Wireless headphones being announced as well. Apple Airpods, wireless earbuds. Apple is close to creating a future in which you talk to your A.I. assistant like in the movie Her. Automatically works with all Apple devices. A bunch of Beats headphones also announced. The Beats X look the best.

Apple Airbuds

Apple Pay works in Japan now. Transit and Maps supporting Japan as well.

The last reveal of the day. Performance. The chip team “Killing it” in terms of performance. iPhone 7 houses the new A10 Fusion chip. The new iPhone is 120x faster than the original iPhone. Really a lot of technical details being announced that people don’t really need to know about. Graphics 240x faster than the original iPhone. The A10 is the most powerful chip on an iPhone. “Console level gaming on an iPhone” says the presenter as he shows of a Formula 1 racing game. Now they are showing off a game for the iPhone 7. Looks good, similar to Kameo in terms of looks.

iPhone 7 will cost $649 starting at 32gb. Pre order’s start at September 9th.

Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Writer. Photographer. I leveraged a business degree to play video games. My opinions are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of The Inner Circle (but they should). DMs on my Twitter are open.

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