Apex Legends Season 5, “Fortune’s Favor” Drops May 12th


Respawn and EA recently released details on season 5 for Apex Legends, titled “Fortune’s Favor”. After a strong Season 4 that included the “System Override” and “The Old Ways” events, Respawn keeps the content rolling with a new character and a host of welcome changes on Tuesday, May 12th.

Among these changes is the much requested ability to reconnect to ranked matches in the event of an internet connection error or server issue. “As we work on stability and systems like Loss Forgiveness that help make it more forgiving to play ranked and really focus on your climb, we wanted to offer even more ways to recover from crashes or internet outages” the official release reads.

The biggest addition in Season 5 will of course be theĀ  skilled thief Loba Andrade, the thirteenth and newest Legend. Very little is known at this time about Loba’s kit as a legend. However, we do know her backstory, as it was revealed in the Season 4 trailer that her family was murdered by the Synthetic Nightmare and centuries old assassin, Revenant.

In addition to Loba, we’ll be seeing a fresh batch of battle pass rewards, Ranked Series 3 splits and new “Quests”. It’s yet to be seen what Quests are, best guess is they’ll be an easier way to earn XP and level up that battle pass to earn rewards.

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