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Teaser Video Confirms Anonymous;Code Will Be Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch really has turned into the bell of the ball for 2017. Amid all the snide remarks about low power and a truly ridiculous setup for voice chat, no one can deny that the portable appeal and hotcake equivalent selling is turning heads all over the development community. Now another notable head has turned and fixed its eyes firmly upon the Switch’s svelte frame and shapely Joy Cons.

5pb., creators of the wildly popular Steins;Gate title, has revealed the future homes of Anonymous;Code, the next installment in their Science Visual Novel series. Along side the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita, Anonymous;Code is the first 5pb. title that’s been confirmed for the Switch, which is a huge pull for Nintendo. Naturally, the release is posited only for Japan at the moment, but fans don’t need to give up and start studying kanji just yet. With Chaos;Child seeing a Western release in the near future, fans can cross their fingers and hope for the best for other titles to also swim onto the Switch and straight onto Western shores. Anonymous;Code still has not been given a definitive release date.

To get a bit more detail about it, newcomers should know that Anonymous;Code is technically a separate entity from the Steins;Gate saga and the main Science Adventure series as a whole. Rather, Anonymous;Code exists in a side realm that currently only expands as far as a light novel and anime (Occultic;Nine), so this will be the first game entry into the relatively new world. In a grim future, humanity is caught between recovering from a massive computer disaster and preparing for a second that will occur in less than a year. In the role of the main character, Poron Takaoka, you must use your hacking skills and social savvy to uncover the mystery of what an Earth simulation has discovered about the planet’s origins and what the past (and future) of the planet will hold. Anonymous;Code will allow for Save and Load, which treats time like a tape that can be rewound and replayed without creating “time paradoxes.” Additionally, the player will be able to use a Hacking Trigger (working title) to influence and give suggestions to what Poron should do next, but he’s free to refuse. Lastly, the game is keeping track of how many times you Load (hack) Poron, which will ultimately influence the ending of the game. It’s a fascinating idea where the player is God, but not one who can automatically dictate what our hero will decide.

Regardless of an English release, this further cements the current theory that the Switch will become the spiritual successor to the Vita for more niche Japanese titles, which will only give more power and promise to the little system that could. Moreover, should Anonymous;Code become a success on the Switch, it could give 5pb. the go ahead to port more entries onto the Switch from their existing catalog. Stay tuned for more updates as the news becomes available!

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