Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Comes Home Trailer has Been Unleashed

The Conjuring Universe is getting another movie this Summer. Annabelle Comes Home has released a trailer giving us an idea of what to expect from this movie.

Annabelle Comes Home brings the creepy doll into the home of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Locked behind sacred glass and in a blessed room the doll waits for someone to play with. Seems that the Warrens daughter has some friends who don’t truly believe in the paranormal.

The movie will be arriving this Summer on June 28th. Before that though look for another movie coming to The Conjuring Universe. The Curse of La Llorona will be out on April 19th. Are you enjoying The Conjuring movies? Have you watched The Nun yet? Let us know how you feel about these movies in the comment section below. If you haven’t seen The Nun it will be coming to HBO on April 6th. Thats plenty of time to get your HBO Now subscription going before Game of Thrones arrives on April 14th.

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