Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Can’t Scare up the Viewers as Toy Story 4 Stays on top

Toy Story 4 has taken over the box office for a second weekend. The movie has grossed an estimated $57.9 million this past weekend. Currently Toy Story 4 is sitting at $496 million in the world-wide market. The series will continue to be a profitable hit for Disney. Annabelle Comes Home scared up $20.3 million as it continues to make The Conjuring universe a profitable franchise. The third movie in this series brings viewers back to the Warren home where the evil doll is locked up. The Beatles movie Yesterday actually brought in $17 million this weekend, knocking Aladdin down to fourth place.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opened in China this past weekend to an astounding $111 million. While it’s not the best opening for a Marvel movie in that country, it certainly isn’t the worst. Spider-Man: Far From Home opens for us here in the West on July 2nd. Expect that movie to dominate the box office for a few weeks. Expect some excitement for this movie since it is the final movie in the third phase of Marvel movies.

Weekend Top Three

3. Yesterday $17 million

2. Annabelle Comes Home $20.3 million

1. Toy Story 4 $57.9 million

Look for Spider-Man: Far From Home and the horror movie Midsommar will be out next week. Disney will continue to dominate this year as the Lion King is only a few weeks away from being released. Look for that on July 19th in your local theater. Don’t forget that the third season of Stranger Things will be available this week on July 4th.

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