Animal Crossing: New Leaf Is Adding Amiibo Support

Nintendo has just announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be getting a new update this fall which will add amiibo support to the game. It’s unsure as to what the they’ll will do in the game and if non-Animal Crossing amiibos will be supported. There is also a tease of Splatoon amiibos adding Splatoon inspired content to the game. It appears as if the Squid Sisters will be able to move into your town.

Information is very bare currently, but we’ll be sure to update you once more is available. I’m hoping that other non-Animal Crossing amiibos will add more content to the game, because how awesome would it be to have your character look like Link for example? At least now all my amiibos won’t just go to waste.

What are you hoping will be in this amiibo update?

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