Animal Crossing: New Horizon has some interesting features

This last week Nintendo has a special Direct geared towards Animal Crossing: New Horizon. In this video, players get to see what is finally going to happen in the Nintendo Switch game. The game is finally arriving on March 20th, on the Nintendo Switch. This might be the only game I play for most of 2020.

Some of the features that will be in the game are DIY crafting for recipes that include tools and furniture. Players will also be able to change the landscape of their island. They will receive land development permits that will allow them to take or add different features. That may mean you want a larger pond or fewer waterways on your island, in this game you will be able to make it happen. Some of the other features of Animal Crossing: New Horizon includes:

  • NookPhone: Nook Inc. will provide some basic necessities and services, including your very own NookPhone. It has standard apps, like a camera and map, but over time, new applications will be added to support your island needs. The camera can be used to take in-game photos all over the island – you can even add fancy filters like all the cool kids are doing!
  • Nook Miles: For players looking for more concrete goals, and to help offer guidance and inspiration on the island, you can take advantage of the Nook Mileage program. As you fulfill certain challenges and experiences, you will earn miles to pay off the cost of the getaway package or, eventually, to exchange for in-game rewards. Rewards range from in-game Nook Inc. merchandise and helpful items that can enrich your time on the island, to tickets that you can use to visit distant islands.
  • Island Tours: These “mystery island tours” are at the whim of the pilot, so you never know where you will end up! Once on these smaller islands, feel free to gather as many items as you want – like DIY materials and creatures – and take them back with you to your island.
  • Party Play: With Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway package, up to eight people can live on one island.* In Party Play, you can call up to three other players to explore the island at the same time. Whoever calls the others will be the Leader, making the others the Followers. It’s easy to change out the Leader, letting others quickly take charge. Any creatures or items found by Followers will be stored in a recycle box at the Resident Services building!- Copied from Nintendos press site

One of the things that I had been worried about not being included in this game was the museum. That part had been one of the best parts of past games, to me at least. Thankfully I can say that your island will also include a museum after some time. This is just a small part of what’s coming to the game on March 20th. To really see everything you should just sit down and watch the 27-minute video, which is right conveniently right below this paragraph.

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