Angel Has Fallen

Angel Has Fallen Takes Over the Top Spot This Weekend

This past weekend the movies where pretty slim pickings. The third movie in the series Angel Has Fallen took over the top spot at the box office. This movie grossed an estimated $21.2 million.

In the Chinese market Hobbs & Shaw grossed an estimated $102 million in its opening weekend. The movie now sits at $588 million world-wide. Overcomer and Ready or Not both grossed under $10 million in their opening weekends. The number of people going to the movies at this time of the year always drops down. With kids going back to school don’t expect big numbers for a while.

Weekend Top Three

3. Overcomer $8.2 million

2. Good Boys $11.7 million

1. Angel Has Fallen $21.2 million

The horror movie Don’t Let Go will be the only movie that’s getting a wide release next weekend. I want to thank Jason for taking over last weekend. I promise that my night shift days are coming to an end in the next month. At that time I should be able to post more movie news and continue to keep going every Sunday with this article.

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