Android Pie features Xbox One controller support and Fortnite may take advantage of it

Many players have long complained about gaming on mobile devices – having to manipulate a touch screen specifically. While lots of gamers have adapted to touch screens, it is not ideal for multiplayer shooters where reflexes and aim are critical for winning. Google knows this and has fixed Xbox One controller support for Android Pie – the latest update to the mobile operating system. This means we could see game developers include a controller option for their games on Android devices. As a matter of fact, Epic Games has already pledged to add Bluetooth support to the Android version of Fortnite Battle Royale and the timing has us wondering if official Xbox One controller support is also coming to the game.

The Xbox One controller has had Bluetooth support since 2016 when the slimmed down Xbox One S was released. Microsoft hoped that gamers would use the controller with Android devices but there were numerous button mapping issues which prevented that from happening. The software engineers over at Google have identified and fixed the bugs that kept the Xbox One controller from working as it should with Android devices.

This means that the newest update – Android Pie – can theoretically allow you to use your Xbox One controller with the games you play on Android devices. The developers merely have to add support to their titles. The fact that Google finally fixed these bugs just before the official release of Fortnite Battle Royale could mean that Epic Games will add Xbox One controller support to the game.

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