Alan Wake TV Show

An Alan Wake TV Show Is in the Works

Developed by Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake was released in 2010 for the Xbox 360, later making its way to PC. It was an unusual horror game, a psychological thriller broken into an episodic format and focused around the titular struggling writer, Alan Wake. Over time, it’s developed a strong fanbase and there has been clamoring for a sequel for years. While it looks like we’ll be continuing to wait for a sequel, it looks like we’ll be getting an Alan Wake TV show sometime in the future.

According to Variety, an Alan Wake TV show is in development with Peter Calloway serving as Showrunner and Writer. Sam Lake from Remedy Entertainment is signed on as executive producer. Tomas Harlan from Contradiction films is also involved and has been talking to Remedy for some time about making this project happen. He recently met with Calloway at E3, where he was impressed by Calloway’s pitch.

Harlan told Variety that “Alan Wake was basically a TV series that was put into a game. That was Sam’s vision. It was influenced by The Twilight Zone, Secret Window, Hitchcock, Northern Exposure, a lot of U.S. television. Speaking on Sam Lake’s involvement, he said “We plan to work closely with Sam on our this show. Sam is a huge part of this. This is his baby.”

Sam Lake talked about what material the show would use and he explained that it would cover the events of the game, as well as potentially drawing from ideas for a second game. He states that “The story of the original game is our starting point, the seed which will grow into the bigger story we’re exploring in the show. We’ll be expanding the lore of this crazy and dark universe and diving deeper into certain aspects of it than the game ever did. Not only that, but through the years we’ve worked on multiple game concepts and stories for Alan Wake’s world that have never seen the light of day. All of this material will function as potential source material for the show.”

While it’s disappointing we still don’t have any word on a sequel happening, an Alan Wake TV show sounds extremely promising. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

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