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All New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Details!


Whilst we still have no publicly available trailer for the Russo brothers helmed Captain America: Civil War we do have a few new snippets of information straight out of AsiaPop Comic Con. Recently, a trailer was shown at AsiaPop CC that bore much similarity to the one shown at D23. For a breakdown of the original trailer click here! There were however some differences this time around with the conversation between Black Widow and Hawkeye being extended and another scene involving Black Widow being added. There’s also more Ant-Man, General Ross and Bucky Barnes.

Major Potential Spoilers Could Follow!





So, in the extended scene with Black Widow and Hawkeye, Barton is landing some really heavy hits on Natasha and may even critically wound her. In the first trailer we also saw this scene with the two assassins fighting it out, Black Widow asking Hawkeye “We’re still friends right?” and him responding “Depends on how hard you hit me,”.

Scott Lang also has a slightly extended scene. We view a bit more of him meeting the one and only Steve Rogers, and there is also a shot of Lang reaching out and touching Cap’s peck to see how firm it is (in a call back to how Peggy Carter did the same in Captain America: The First Avenger).

The third and final alternate scene seems to be totally new and also centres around Black Widow. If you are spoiler sensitive then it’s recommended you leave now. In the new shot we see Romanova approaching General Ross and Tony Stark to give a report, perhaps indicating she is a double agent? In the Civil War storyline there were double agents on both sides of the superhero conflict.

During the trailer we of course got that all important clip of Bucky and Cap hugging too. Bromance for the win. There has been no news as yet on when we will be getting the Captain America: Civil War trailer but it could air during the première of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 3. For more Marvel, movie, TV and gaming news stick right here with TiCGN!

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