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All Might Goes Beyond Plus Ultra in the new Jump Force Trailer

Prepare to Go Plus Ultra with the number one hero, All Might, as he will join Seto Kaiba as the second DLC character in Jump Force. He will be avilable this May. Although the trailer is short, we do get to see some of the moves and combos that players can perform with the character. So take a look at the trailer below:

I must say that All Might looks great in the game and I can’t wait to play with him when the character is released. After this announcement there is one more character that is set to release in Jump Force along with All Might and Seto Kaiba. However, there is no information as to which character that will be. To get a look at the roadmap for the other releases, please click the link here. Also, it turns out that our previous article regarding the leaked DLC characters was correct. So if you want to check that out, please click here to get a look at all of the future characters that will be heading to the game.

Source: Bandai Namco Youtube channel, Press Release

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