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Alien vs. Pinball Coming Soon

The classic movie franchise Alien is receiving the pinball treatment thanks to Zen Studios, the makers of those great interactive pinball tables on the Xbox One. The three table pack includes tables based on different Alien properties. Zen Studios announced the new pack on Twitter this week.


In the first table, you team up with the colonial marines as Ripley on planet LV-426, fighting your way through the events of the 1986 classic Aliens. Table two will take players in the world of Alien: Isolation. It brings the events of the stellar video game into the pinball world. Hide from stalking Aliens as Amanda Ripley. The third and final table will bring us into the world of Alien vs. Predator. Play as a young Yautja warrior (Predator) as you hunt down the elusive Alien.

Some of the key features posted on the Zen Studios blog include:

  • Join Ellen Ripley as she confronts her nightmares and help the Colonial Marines rid LV-426 of its Alien infestation in Aliens Pinball
  • Watch out for the merciless Alien stalking you on the Alien: Isolation pinball table
  • Defeat Xenomorphs and rise in Yautja society on the Alien vs. Predator table
  • Original iconic voiceovers and sound effects from films and videogames set in the ALIENS Universe
  • Leaderboards, score tracking, exciting social features, and more

Alien vs Pinball will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PSN, Steam, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and Mac on April 26th. The price of the DLC has yet to be announced. Check out the game trailer below.


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