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Afro Samurai 2 Coming Later This Year

Developer Redacted have unveiled a first trailer for the sequel to their 2009 3D brawler Afro Samurai coming sometime later this year.

While the first told the story from Afro’s perspective, from witnessing his father’s death and turning from frightened child to master swordsman on a quest of revenge, 2 will follow a story centred around Afro’s older brother Kuma. Sticking to a quest of revenge the story asks the question what would happen if Afro’s actions led directly to the death of the family?

Speaking to Polygon back in August Redacted’s president David Robinson explains how this affects Kuma as the story progresses.

“Kuma has to deal with two things, he has to reconcile that everyone he loves is dead, except for Afro. He is also undead and can’t ascend to heaven, which is a worse torment, because it means he can never be with the people he loves again, period. That’s important in the game’s flow.”

Whether the game will continue to use the stellar voice cast (Samuel l. Jackson) and hip hop stylings of RZA that both the original game and the source anime is renowned for, is yet to be seen but it’s hard to picture one without the other.


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