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Adam Boyes Announced He is Leaving Playstation

Today, the Playstation family is losing a very important person. Adam Boyes is Playstation’s third-party relations vice-president has announced he will be leaving the company. Not only was the news announced on his Twitter we heard Adam talk about it on the Playstation Blogcast. Click the link to hear the Blogcast.

Adam Boyes really just wants to jump back into creating games again. Sadly, this is not what Playstation fans want to hear. Adam has been around Playstation for a little over 4 years helping grow the third-party relations between Playstation and other gaming companies. No real announcement has been made to who will replace him at this moment.  Boyes has been one of those people in the industry that has really worked at plenty of gaming companies in the past.

We here at TICGN really do wish the best for Adam Boyes.  Let us know how you feel about Boyes’s leaving Playstation to pursue his dream of making games again in the comment section below.

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