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Ace of Diamond Anime May be Returning

Great news, Ace of Diamond fans! It seems the students at Sedou High School aren’t done playing just yet. According to an article from animenewsnetwork, the voice actor of Ejun Sawamura has shed some light on the status of the anime series. During the Daiya no A: The Orchestra event that took place Sunday, the actor reportedly said, “The anime is not over! It will continue for sure.”

He didn’t mention when the series will return, though. He might just be very hopeful for the future of the series. However, if there is a new season in the works then this would be huge news. Personally, Ace of Diamonds is my favorite sports anime so I will be ecstatic for a Seidou to return.

If you haven’t heard of Ace of Diamonds, here is a brief synopsis: This story follows Ejun Sawamura, a pitcher with a very unusual throwing style. Sawamura’s goal is to go to high school with his closest friends to play baseball. However, he was recruited to attend a very prestigious academy, Sedou High School, which is known for its great baseball team. Sawamura was skeptical at first because he didn’t want to leave his friends behind. He then visits Seidou and it changes his world completely. Now that he is enrolled in Sedou High School, it’s time to see what he is made of.

If you’re interested in watching Ace of Diamonds, please visit Crunchyroll.

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