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Acceleration of SUGURI 2 Open Beta Is Live

Fruitbat Factory have announced that Acceleration of SUGURI 2 now has its beta open to all who are interested. Those who want to participate only need to download the “demo” from the game’s Steam page.

Much like its predecessor, Acceleration of SUGURI 2 is a duel-style bullet hell game from Orange_Juice featuring characters from the SUGURI series. However, this entry is actually part of the main series and continues where Sora left off. The game includes online and split screen multiplayer as well as story and arcade modes.

During the beta, players will not be able to access the story or arcade modes. However, singleplayer combat versus the CPU is available in addition to online play. Only Suguri, Sora, Iru, Alte, Nanako, Tsih, Kae, and Mira are currently playable, but the full release will include more characters.

The full game will launch worldwide on March 7, 2018. Those who own the game on Steam will also receive a new character to use in the digital board game 100% Orange Juice.

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