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Acceleration of Suguri 2’s Bonus 100% Orange Juice Character Revealed

Fruitbat Factory is localizing another Orange_Juice title, which of course means another character is heading to 100% Orange Juice. While at Tokyo Game Show 2017, the team revealed that the Acceleration of Suguri 2 tie-in character is Suguri ver.2. Everyone who purchases AoS2 on Steam will also get to use the new character in 100% Orange Juice. Additionally, they also announced that the Steam release of Acceleration of Suguri 2 will support Japanese and English at launch.

While the original version of the board game from Orange_Juice lacked online play, Fruitbat Factory added that and so much more for the international release of 100% Orange Juice. In addition to numerous balance changes, the publisher collaborated with the developers to create new characters, cards, costumes, and boards. One aspect of the game that has stayed the same is that everyone draws from the same deck. This means that players have to consider the risk of opponents drawing the cards they add when building the deck. It also keeps new players on an even playing field as those who have poured many hours into the game.

Unlike the first one, Acceleration of Suguri 2 is a canonical entry in the Suguri series that picks up where Sora left off. Still, the gameplay resembles that of its predecessor. In these games, players participate in one on one battles with bullet hell style barrages. In addition to the story and arcade modes, the Steam release will also include online and local multiplayer.

100% Orange Juice is out now. Acceleration of Suguri 2 will release when it is ready.

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