Abominable Stomps Downtown Abbey This Weekend

The animated film Abominable has taken over the top spot this weekend with a healthy opening weekend. This film opened with $20.8 million as it really didn’t have any competition this weekend. The movie is sitting at an estimated $31 million world-wide as it brought in an estimated $10.2 million. Downtown Abbey has brought in $14.5 million extra as it now sits at $107 million world-wide.

Some of the other movies that will were around this weekend didn’t do so well. Rambo: Last Blood grossed $8.5 million as people realize they could wait to see this final Rambo movie on Netflix in less than a year. Ad Astra looks like it will also be one of those movies that hits a streaming service in the next six months. This movie now sits at $35.5 million domestically. Many like me will call this a failure at the box office. Take a peak at the top three grossing movies this weekend.

Weekend Top Three

3. Hustlers $11.4 million

2. Downtown Abbey $14.5 million

1. Abominable $20.8 million

Next weekend the movie that I and many more have been waiting for. Joker will be releasing on October 4th nationwide. The following weekend look for the animated Addams Family film, Gemini Man, and Jexi. I won’t lie when I say that Gemini Man could possibly make very little money. Just watch the trailer and leave a comment on how you feel about this movie. Personally I can’t wait to watch this movie.

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