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A Slew Of New Apex Legends Info Dropped At EA Play

Today at EA Play we get some extended looks at EA’s most popular titles. Apex Legends comes out to bat right after Jedi Fallen Order. Details on season 2, a new weapon, a 10th Legend, new mode and more! Here is all the “Quick bits” from the live stream. Hold onto your seats Apex Legends fans!

Legendary Hunt Event

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt Event

  • Time Limited Event: Ends June 18th
  • An Elite Queue. Place in the top 5 of any match earn the right to join the queue. You can then go up against other Elite queued players and put your skills to the test.
  • You can complete Legendary Hunt Challenges for unique rewards. Such as legend and weapon skins.
  • Everyone apart of the Battlepass receives the “Honored Prey” R301. You will also receive the Legendary Skin “Night Terror” for Wraith.
  • You can earn a full battle pass level by placing in the top 5, every day while the event is active.
  • The first ever Double-XP weekend hit Apex Legends June 7-9. Works on both base and Battlepass levels.
  • Rotating Legendary Skins unique to the event will be in the store.

Season 2 “Battlecharge” Details

Apex Legends Battlecharge

  • New Weapon: L-Star, available in Care Package drops only
  • Two New Hop Ups
  • Battle pass changes
    • Now Challenged Based. Daily/Weekly challenges for rewards, can stack if you havent played in awhile.
    • Badges and Stat trackers being removed to create more space. Being replaced with 3 new content types
    • Enough crafting medals to craft a legendary weapon of your own choosing at lvl 100.
    • 4 Legendary skins for Battlepass owners. 2 Weapon and 2 Character.
  • Ranked Mode. Consists of 6 tiers. Bronze to Apex Predator. Special Matchmaking for each tier. Rewards based at the end of the season for each tier.
  • A 10th Legend: Watson who can build defenses. Check out the link for the compiled info!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6QggWZFsN8&w=560&h=315]

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