A physical retail copy of Shovel Knight is on the way

Coming to retail stores for $20 on October 13th in North America and October 16th in Europe is the boxed version of Shovel Knight, by Yacht Club Games. This version of Shovel Knight includes the Plague of Shadows update and the challenge mode. You will also receive all future updates for free. On their site, Yacht Club Games also promised an actual manual, mentioning “a lavish instruction booklet similar to the Kickstarter reward.”


Retail XB1 Shovel Knight Box Art

U&I Entertainment is helping Yacht Club Games, who is now a publisher, distribute the retail version to stores. The game will come out on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and PC (Europe only). You can pre-order the game from many retailers, and Yacht Club Games even encourages you to do so. They “consider it a huge personal favor,” because it will encourage retailers to stock up on Shovel Knight.

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