A New Road for Forza

Having made its debut on the original Xbox, Forza Motorsport has been around for over ten years now. There are now six main Forza Motorsport games with two spin-off games in the Forza Horizon series. Forza Motorsport has seen continuous improvements in graphics, physics, gameplay tuning, weather effects, road geometry and much more to make Forza the best game for car junkies. But there could be more in-store for this franchise, a new era, a new road perhaps. I am thinking along the lines of customization, not with the cars but with in-game characters and not only that but let’s see some more in-depth RPG elements added to the game. Let me explain.

Forza Motorsports has definitely come a long way but I would be lying if I said the game couldn’t be improved. So I would like to highlight a few things that I feel could make Forza even better.


Forza’s car customization has always been to notch and largely unmatched by any other simulation racer on the market but I want Turn 10 to extend this to character models. Now I can already hear the questions of, “how much sense does that make since you never truly see your character?” The answer to that coincides with my final addition for the game so for right now I’ll focus on the character customization. First and foremost the racing outfit, I want to see different helmet types and visors from various manufacturers. Allow logos to be attached to our gear along with our own personal color scheme. Same thing goes for the racing suit. Allow logos and color schemes to be added also. Maybe if you have a crew that you usually race with you all could represent your club/clan through these methods. The expression of individuality is becoming paramount in gaming nowadays and these customization options would ensure Forza stays with the times and not get left behind.

RPG Elements

How about or driver level actually means a little bit more than what it does now. Add perks or stats to gear that we buy (with in-game currency) as we level up. Here’s an example, let’s say you complete a few lower level races and from placing in those races you gain enough experience to level from one to two this you unlock Level 2 gear from different companies that all have different perks with strong and weak points. These perks can be vision, reaction speed, cornering intelligence, braking intelligence and various other attributes that effect in-game assets such as how accurate your braking line and cornering line are. It would make for a very interesting online experience and maybe even more competitive races.


Yes, for the next Forza I believe Turn 10 should add motorcycles to their long list of vehicles they already have. Motorcycles would be the perfect avenue for Turn 10 to take especially with the customization options already in place and my own proposed customization options. It would switch things up for players who tire of simply racing cars and maybe provide a breath of fresh air mid game. Online and offline events for a motorcycle mode would also be a welcomed addition to the Forza family.

These are my additions/improvements for Forza. As always I would love to hear what you all think and any additions or improvements you might have for future Forza games.

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