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A $130 Device Streams Xbox One Games To Your Spare Television

Do you remember the days of carrying around those little USB flash drives to store your most important files and work on them across multiple devices? Over recent years we have seen that idea progress to actual computers that are tiny enough to easily fit inside of your pocket. The concept has evolved once again and this time it comes with a nice benefit for gamers- the ability to stream your Xbox One games to another television.

The newly announced VivoStick by Asus is a full Windows 10 PC crammed inside of a case about the size of those old flash drives. Packing a Cherry Trail processor and 2GB of RAM, it won’t be running the latest big budget games on Steam but it will let you stream your Xbox One games to any TV or monitor with an HDMI port. Asus even managed to squeeze a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port,a headphone jack, support for Wifi 802.11n and Blouetooth 4.0 so you’ll still be able to use a keyboard for screenshots and capturing game footage.

This is not a bad option at all for gamers who need to share the living room television once in a while. Asus says the device will cost $129 USD on release but no ship date was provided.

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