4 Guys With Quarters

4 Guys With Quarters Celebrates 200 Episodes

We live in an era of content creation. Podcasts, YouTubers, and entertainers go in and out of style or fade away over time it’s just the nature of the culture we live in. However, some people persevere and despite the odds go on to have their projects grow into much more than that. No team embodies this more than 4 Guys With Quarters who today will be celebrating 200 episodes! With their first episode airing all the way back in 2014, the road has been long but milestones like these are impressive, and I wish the whole team the absolute best with their upcoming episode. You can catch 4 Guys With Quarters live tonight at 5:30 PM EST live on their YouTube channel.

Need something to keep you busy until then? Why not check out their latest episode featuring Lord Cognito from Ironlords Podcast. It is a great episode featuring some very candid talk about the state of Anthem. Tune in and get your fill before tonight’s big episode!

4GwQPodcast Episode 199:

I cannot say this enough, but congratulations to the great guys at 4 Guys With Quarters, here’s to the next 200 episodes!


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