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Killer Instinct’s Latest Combatant is Eagle

Here comes a new challenger for Microsoft’s fighting game franchise, Killer Instinct. Earlier today at the fighting game tournament Combo Breaker, a short tease of an upcoming character called¬†Eagle appeared. While it may seem as though this is a new character, lore wise Eagle has been around since Killer Instinct 1 on the Super Nintendo. Eagle, Thunder’s brother,¬†has always been mentioned as a combatant that had mysteriously vanished until now.

In a series of lore posts, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy detail the missing history on the lost hero. Apparently Eagle had been kept locked away in cryogenic sleep under the watchful eye of UltraTech CEO Aria. In this state several experimentations had befallen the warrior such as the transfer of consciousness to a cybernetic weapon known as Fulgore. After the infiltration of UltraTech by the extra terrestrial known as Glacius, Eagle was set free. Thus leading up to the reveal trailer you see below.

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