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343 Industries Shows Preview Of Hammer Storm DLC

Yesterday 343 Industries showed a preview to their forthcoming DLC Hammer Storm. Here are some new features and content that will drop later this month.

  • New game modes Assault, Griftball and Fiesta Slayer
  • New Arena map named Torque
  • New REQs
  • Expanded color palette for armor and emblems from 32 to 60

343 also updated the playlist for Valentine’s Day weekend called Valentine’s Double Date. This will be a 2 vs 2 social slayer with custom-themes, colored breakout maps, modified geometry, new weapon placement along with Halo 2 BR starts.

With Rocket League launching on the 17th of this month, 343 announced that they will collaborate with Psyonix studios to bring the Warthog as a drivable ride for the game. It was also announced that the Armadillo from Gears of War will also be in the game.

Expect Hammer Storm to drop later this month. And as always, all Halo 5: Guardians DLC is free.

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