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16-Bit RPG, Ara Fell, Releases Today for PC

Today saw the release of Ara Fell, a 16-bit Japanese roleplaying game that combines Western RPGS, visual novels, and adventure games. Steogsoft Games is actually known for concentrating solely on the 16-bit era of RPGS and, so far, this one is receiving positive reviews on Steam.

Telling the story of a magical city in the clouds, Ara Fell was once “saved” by elven sorcerers. However, their spell doomed everyone as it will soon fall from the heavens. Ara Fell now relies on you, a young woman, to save it and all the people. It’s advertised as a story heavy game, though it has plenty of fighting, with equipment, statistics, and bosses.

An open world format, it has plenty to explore with hidden treasures, deep characters, and secrets. The game actually rewards you if you take full advantage of the ability to roam. Each character that you meet has their own story, motivations, and personalities. Between the story and map, you will find plenty to do.

Ara Fell is available on Steam for $8.99 until June 9th, when it goes up to its normal price of $9.99. Make sure to check out the trailer below!

Hilary C.
Hilary C.
Hilary is a freelance writer who plays video games and D&D in her free time! Although she mostly plays on the PC, she doesn't object to consoles!

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